TaskWarrior, TimeWarrior, and stup

Posted on May 18, 2020

I am a huge fan of CLI’s and ncurses based formats. It just reminds me of the days of computing yore where men were men and wrote their own damn device drivers.

Now that I’ve got that bit of gatekeeping out of the way, I use taskwarrior, timewarrior, and stup to keep my tasks, my time, and my sanity in check. If I do something on my taskwarrior list, it starts the timer in timewarrior, and adds it to my stup list for the day. It allows me to produce nice reports, and allows me to async sync with my coworkers at the end of the day via slack (and a well-crafted http plugin).

If you’re not doing this, using on-event hooks in taskwarrior to start and stop your timewarrior timers (and updating your stup notes), you’re spending more time doing things that you should probably be tracking and reporting on.

If you want my on-modify hook, it’s over on my github as a public gist. Let me know (email works best) if you have any questions.