Stress, Uncertainty, Pandemics, and Me

Broken, but together...

Let's be honest – 2020 is a year that nobody really expected would happen.  What appears to be a global biological crisis is not the future that we expected, hoped, nor prepared for.  My 40th birthday was going to be a hell of a time – Black Hat, DEFCON, a week of catching up on work, and then Burning Man.  

I had my Plane Tickets, Hotel rooms, and an RV Rental already ready to go.  I was making my pixelblasters and solar panels for Burning Man.  I was going to celebrate my "Over the hill" birthday in style.  

Then COVID-19 blasted the US.  

I'm feeling rather broken right now.  

With that said, what I'm feeling fails to compare to what those who have lost loved ones are thinking and feeling – be it from Suicide, be it from COVID, or be it from stress about losing your job and your livelihood – and I should really stop complaining and start doing more things for the community.  I can get my money back.  I have job security in this very uncertain time.  I will be ok...and I will be stronger after all of this.

As a country, as a team, as a person:  we will overcome this.  

We will get past this.  We will not let this year define who we are.  

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